17 Aug

I grew old watching my grandmother fiddling with small clay pots and carefully planting seeds and making them sleep under the mud bed followed by gentle pouring of water on it. Her guidance in making the world most beautiful thing to actually shape up was a best of skill learned.I as a vigilant guard kept a keen watch that my plants get proper nutrition. It was a ritual for both of us to take care of our growing plants and daily arranging the position of our clay pots. Slowly she started visiting my extended family in different parts of world for days, then months and finally years and this tradition of gardening broke, my interest also buried under the daily hustle bustle of life and I forgot that I ever had interest in gardening. After many years when I got married and was relocated to a different state ,in  my new house there was some garden space  and from deep within I heard a voice guiding me to take care of it and make it green. Ah…that was a chance for me to go green, Like a interviewer I delve into the interests of my new family’s interest and found out my father in law was also keen interested in growing plants and taking care it but he too lost motivation with time.

Here was a chance for both of us to catch up the lost interest and every day we use to plan something , finally one day he ordered a truck full of mud and we jumped in with folding our sleeves high and provided ample of nutrition to mud, once the soil was ready we both went to near by nursery bought some beautiful flower plants and Like a child with his new toy began our play with brown and green colors of mud and plants.

We both now talk about our plants and on some special days like my birthday and my niece birthday we gave treat to some more flower plants and making it a tradition now. We are done with planting and nutrition or food is also feed to them so that they grow beautifully and we need not bother about water as its raining like cats and dogs since a month so they are getting enough of water,, I should admit I don’t know much of gardening skills but I get pleasure in talking to my plants on regular basis and requesting them to grow adequately. LOLz.

If some of you are interested and know the great art of gardeing I m ever open to ypur tips.

Happy Go Green….


To start with

23 May

May 23, 2012


I m excited to start a blog. First of all I would like to pay homage to my Gurudev whose blessings made me write here today. Before I begin let me give a quick  thought to find the reason why I m here,I guess I m here simply to write. Write whatever comes to my mind and I feel is true for me . This is the best medium to express myself. As the title of my blog suggests ” Miracles Happen every minute”, and I do believe in that. So with it. I wish myself Happy blogging and continue to write.



Hello world!

23 May

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Happy blogging!